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Best left at Kookie.
United States
Thanks to :iconeifu: for helping me with this! :D
  • Mood: Neglect
  • Listening to: nothing's over - infinite
  • Reading: Lord of the Flies
[x] gotten kissed
[ ] gotten a phone taken away in class
[ ] gotten suspended
[x] gotten caught chewing gum (Yeah. Life lesson: Don't chew gum in CHORUS class!)
[x] gotten caught cheating on a test
Total so far: 3

[x] arrived late to class more than 5 times
[X] didn't do homework over 5 times
[x] turned at least 3 projects in late
[x] missed school just because you felt like it
[x] laughed so loud you got kicked out of class (does the cafeteria count?)
Total so far: 8

[x] got your mom, dad, etc to get you out of school
[x] text people during class
[x] passed notes
[x] threw stuff across the room
[x] laughed at the teacher
Total so far: 13

[x] been in a fight at school, fist or verbal. (verbal?)
[x] took pictures during school hours
[x] called someone during school hours
[x] listened to iPod, CD, etc during school hours
[ ] skipped a class period (LOL, It's too scary to. xD)
Total So Far: 17

[ ] threw something at the teacher
[x] went outside the classroom without permission
[x] broke the dress code
[x] failed a class
[x] ate food during class (ALL THE TIME. Hahaha)
Total So Far: 21

[x] gotten a call from school
[ ] couldn't go on a field trip cause you behaved badly
[x] didn't take your stuff to school
[ ] given a teacher the finger when they weren't looking
[x] curse during class/school
Total so far: 24

[x] faked your parents signature
[x] slept in class
[ ] cursed at your teacher
[x] copied homework
[ ] got in trouble with the principal or vice principal (not yet...)
Total So Far: 27

Now times by 3.

Nooo way.
This is a lie.

I'm the nicest person I know.

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AquaKacheek Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011  Student General Artist
Happy Birthday! :D
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Am I the only one whos gonna say happy birthday? well then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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